Virgo Symbol
August 23 • September 20


The Maiden, The Server, The Precise

The Body:

The Gut, Intestines, and digestive system.


The mutable earth sign of Virgo is the sixth sign of the Zodiac, ruled by mercury is where summer begins to give way to autumnal energies and the second half of the year begins.

The earthy and practical sign of Virgo is quick-thinking and smart. They are often very well studied and have a knack for digging into the details of something. They are drawn to service type roles, and it is in this supporting role that they become some of the most needed persons. They don’t seek the limelight. There is an air of “sleeves up, hands on” with this sign. They are practical and sensible and love to make lists, ensuring that each task is patiently achieved to the highest standard.

Virgo loves cleanliness and will apply this to every aspect of their lives, both figuratively and physical. They are great at manages their own health both mental and physical and if that means resting. They will do so.

They are industrious and organised and quietly observant with a kind nature, that is usually through acts of practical support or gifts that support you in some way. Getting to the heart of matters is the name of the game for them and they like to “sort the wheat form the chaff” which means, get very clear on what is important and what is superfluous.

They are focused and skilled and great at completing complex tasks with high attention to detail and this translates into their personal lives by noticing what people really like, need, and enjoy. The sign of Virgo is never given enough credit for how kind they are and how humble.


This sign can be prone to too much exactitude, and this can eventually turn into OCD like tendencies. This can eventually become like spinning their wheels because they spend more time scrutinising than doing. They can be somewhat fatalistic, fearing that “when it's done, it's done”.

In this way they can at times undermine people by being critical and mean and extremely narrow minded.

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