Sagittarius Symbol
November 22 • December 20


The Archer, The Teacher, The Philosopher !!

The Body:

Thighs, Hips, buttocks, lower back, and Part of the liver


Sagittarius the mutable Fire sign and 9th sign of the Zodiac is where Autumn gives way and begins to turn into winter. This bold, expansive sign is ruled by Jupiter and it's no wonder.

Sagittarius is intelligent and intellectual, often gathering much knowledge over a lifetime through learning, practical application and philosophising on life’s bigger ideas. This sign loves travel and exploration and will through its seeking nature search for the truth. Where Scorpio accepts it and goes within, the Sagittarius will go out there, into the world and reaching for heaven. Look for the universal truths and seek to know them and share them with others.

The freedom loving sign of Sagittarius is ardent and brave and has a deep leaning toward integrity. They believe in doing the right thing and will let you know if they think you are overstepping. This sign has a powerful ardent energy, it's brave and true. Just like a wise knight. Speaking of knights, they will quest the world and through all the tomes of philosophy, spirituality and even religion to understand the nature of life and find ways to bring that to others.

Sporty, energetic, and powerful. This sign is an amalgamation of brains and brawn. Just like the centaur Half man, half horse. Combining the animal and human natures of man. The sights are always set on the future with Sagittarius and the arrow of truth flights straight and free but will pierce you if need be.

They are likeable and friendly and have a great ability to see the bigger picture. They have a deeply lucky streak to them, and they are natural gamblers who know how to bounce back even if their ventures don’t go to plan. Sagittarius can ignite others through their vision and optimism.


Sagittarius could learn to pay more attention to the details and when unconscious can be prone to hedonistic tendencies or even glossing over the details. They can give in to gossip and embellishment, but they can also be the loveable rogue that lacks substance.

They will gain an air of moral arrogance when they are too loftily adrift and can become a spiritual dictator or a silver-tongued trickster who says whatever they need to, to get the result they seek. Hypocrisy might get the better of them when they go too far because they forget that they too were once a novice.

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