Leo Symbol
July 21 • August 22


The Lion, The Destined, The King

The Body:

The Heart, back and Spine


The Fixed Fire sign of Leo and the fifth sign of the Zodiac, upholds and expresses the epitome of Summer. The Sun in his own Kingdom, naturally the Sun is the ruling luminary of Leo. There is an air of regal about this sign and if Cancer were the mother, surely this would be the Father. There is a mentoring, paternal energy about this sign. It needs to impart both its wisdom, but also its natural and easy, warm energy.

Leo is known to be kind and generous of spirit but also with possessions and gifts. Sometimes a little too much, but always from a space of warmth and love. This is a heart-led sign that wants live life passionately and be as creatively and self-expressive as possible. Although this is a larger-than-life sign, there is a type of Leo that also shows a silent dignity.

There is a courageous nature within the Leo, one who cars for others and the underdog. The Sign of Leo will also offer others parental and even paternal advice. The generosity of this sign can make them a little more optimistic about others than is warranted and as such, it can often see them being taken advantage of if not careful. This can also come from a place of needing adoration and being liked.

When aware of themselves, they will settle for respect.

This creative and dramatic sign has an affinity for the creative arts and children. Playing that mentoring role and tapping into the imagination of that youthful energy.


If unconscious, this sign can become a constant performer, who always feels the need to “be on stage”. They can become self-important and entitled brats at worst. They can also find themselves shutting off the heart they are known for in the desire fit in and be liked. Leo hates public failure and so at times may suffer in silence rather than lose face. This may also turn into a “need to be strong or the leader” and not being vulnerable, which will make them feel isolated.

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