Taurus Symbol
April 20 • May 20


The Bull, The Stubborn, The Money Spinner

The Body:

The Neck, The Throat and lower jaw.


The fertile fixed earth sign of Taurus, the second sign of the zodiac. Is a powerful and dignified, quiet energy that upholds the season of spring, when things become lush and green. No wonder its ruling planet is Venus – The Goddess of Love. The calm and stable energy of this sign finds its strength in patient, consistent effort in advancement. Sticking to a path laid out before it, Taurus is a practical and dependable sign with a lot of heart and grit.

This is a sign that is known to like the sensual experience, and this extends to food and a luxurious lifestyle, but it's more than that. It's about seeking true security and contentment through the physical and embodied world. Taurus can be a very sensual and even romantics, loving deeply and being extremely loyal to a partner, committed to a shared cause – in relationships.

Taurus is slow to anger but be careful about rousing the bull because you will surely get the horns! There is a gentle and steadying energy that comes through with Taurus. It is known for its staying power and that steady persistence usually sees the job done. No matter how long it takes. This is where the affinity with the tried, true and traditional comes in. consistency and tradition go hand in hand.


In its unconscious aspects? Taurus can be jealous and at times self-centred. There is a push towards overindulgence, and this can be with everything, whereby food, sex and acquisition at all costs sets in. Hoarding, simply put. They can hold on to “stuff” both internally and externally.

Excess spending and even greed that in many ways cannot be satiated and this is usually because feeling good in the moment is masking a deeper emotional issue.

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