Pisces Symbol
February 19 • March 20


The Fish, The Universal, The Ethereal!

The Body:

The Lymphatic system, The Feet, and toes.


Pisces the mutable water sign. 12th sign of the Zodiac ruled by Jupiter in the Hellenistic tradition and Neptune in the modern system. Is the epitome of water. Changeable, malleable, and intuitive emotional and connective. Here we see the mutable energy preparing us for the end of winter and paving the way for spring. I feel that this is what gives Pisces its somewhat childlike sense of wonder. Even though it's of winter, it's closer to spring. The soul being prepared before it's birthed into the tangible world, so to speak.

This compassionate and idealistic sign is gentle in its approach and strength, but it also understands the power of universal flow and this bellies its wisdom. They may appear to just go with the flow, but that comes from a deep understanding that all things, even our lives are transient. Things, places and people, our bodies and our connections will eventually move on, change, and transform.

Pisces elevates service that we see in its opposite sign of Virgo to a new height where the self is truly removed, and compassion drives them. They are kind and caring and can be very sensitive and easily hurt when the cold harshness of this practical world overlooks or infringes upon their other realm outlook.

Deeply creative and intuitive, they are deeply aware of others needs for nurturing and nourishment. They are wonderful arty types with a great imagination. This feeds into their truly intuitive nature, which when focused and developed (and it needs to be) can be psychic and even clairvoyant. It needs grounding and developing though because Pisces lacks boundaries and so differentiating between reality and fantasy could be difficult without that discernment.

Mystically minded and deeply empathetic. These are true serve providers, drawn to healing professions and often to work in places and services that happen away from the public eye. Nurses, Dr’s and carers are all found with Pisces. They are the truest demonstration of selflessness and must be careful not to be taken advantage of.


Without a sense of faith spirituality. They can become cynical and mocking of those who have found their faith. Cultivating this and a meditative practise can help here. When unconscious Pisces will be rather escapist. Using sex, drugs, alcohol, anything alters conscious needs to pull them away from the harshness of reality.

Self-sacrifice can become martyrdom and even self-sabotage if not careful. They can go into dark places mentally and become “clean-freaks” or messy living space types and wallow in self-pity and blame others for putting them in this place.

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