Scorpio Symbol
October 23 • November 21


The Deep, The Dark and The Enlightened!

The Body:

The Reproductive system, Sex organs and Colon


The Fixed Water sign of Scorpio is the 8th sign of the Zodiac. The place where death and transformation take place. Death is one of the true horrors to the human psyche because it is so final, and it is a taboo. Taboos, deep things, dark energies, and the true mysteries of life. The mysteries of Life, Death and Rebirth are all under the energies of this most powerful and transformative sign. The Sign that holds autumn in place, that wet, decaying and moist energy. Is Scorpio, but there is so much more to this sign than Death. There is also Life and rebirth.

Scorpio can travel to the underworld, it can wade through the deep, the dark, touch on the taboo and the macabre and remain intact. Able to shed light into the darkest place to transmute the energy within themselves and others.

With a fixed, steady gaze and a penetrating intellect. This sign can sniff out the deepest of hidden things in people whilst giving relatively little about themselves away. It's a natural talent. They will go where others fear to tread, ask the hard questions. Have the deep conversations and if it's superficial, this sign is NOT INTERESTED. This intensity is also found in the sexual and the psychological aspects of Scorpio. The need for deep intense, tantric even spiritual physical union is evident and they can and will rock your world there.

The need for strong, deep and intense connections is innate and this even spills over into all other relationships too, they are fiercely loyal and dangerous if messed with. Scorpio seeks to transform everything through finding its truest form or nature, to express all that is hidden. To reveal them.

The alchemist, the healer and the great transmuting force that is Scorpio shows us how to tread the path of darkness and discover the light that is beyond.

Magnetic, passionate, and often tightly controlled, the exercise power instead of wielding it and acknowledge this trait within others and see ruthlessness as a total compliment and – they have a wickedly-funny sense of humour!


As much as they see into others, Scorpio hates to be “figured out” for fear of being realised to have no value or true depth. Their refusal to be seen as weak or vulnerable is palpable and if they show their softer nature to you and it is betrayed, they will find a way to utilise that stinger and ram into the very chink in your armour and decimate you. be warned.

Getting them out of their comfort zone when they are in it, they will wall off from others and in that place stew over their jealousies and wounds. They deeply fear relying on others and will often intimidate to get their own way. They will acquire possessions and wealth and hoard resources, to be self-sufficient and use that to “prove that no one cared or would help anyway”. Seeing others flaws and motives may be fine, but if forced to look at their own they can become cold and ignorant.

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