About Me

Raphael Rey and tarot decks

I am Raphael Rey. Many people who know me call me Raph, Rapha, and of course many know my name from the ArchAngel Raphael, whose name means “God Has Healed”. This is not completely at odds with my own nature, and my path to becoming who I am today has been long and varied.

As a child, I was very sensitive and often felt things deeply, dreamt things powerfully, and was altogether interested in anything mystical, magical, and of course, those of you that know me. Obsessed with the weird and wonderful.

I spent most of my younger years watching Tarot readers, hearing adults talk about “The Stars” (Astrology), seeing spiritual practices being observed. Witnessing the awesome power of prayer and of course, expressing my own abilities, often without understanding what was happening. I began reading Playing cards at the age of 14 and Tarot around 17 years old. I smile at the memories because I remember thinking… "Ahh, so this is what I’m meant to be doing".

After a very dark period in my life, I went on to finally use the gifts I believe I have been given, I consolidated my gifts by studying Reiki, Massage, Anatomy & Physiology, and various healing methods, while in the background. I gained a deeper understanding of the cards and the stars. I immersed myself in these things because they “felt right” to me. I even tried to take a degree in Osteopathy which ended very badly because it was not my path and if I’m honest, I still had some of my own inner healing to complete.

I landed in the field of logistics which was fun for a while, but with a few synchronicities and a nudge in the right direction. I started Reydiant Reality. That was 6 years ago now and not even I could have predicted what it would become, how it would grow, and how every day that I open my eyes. I say prayers of gratitude, not only for my success but for the amazing community that I am a part of and a life filled with magic, amazing clients, and a life that feels fulfilled. Why? I believe it because I am finally doing what was always intended for me to do.

I believe that everyone’s destiny is a culmination of everything written in their stars, the life that they lead, the circumstances that shape them, and that the universe grants us the power to choose. I choose to be a guide and I do this by helping you to – change your tomorrow, Today.