Aquarius Symbol
January 22 • February 18


The Water Bearer, The bridge between Logic and Intuition!!

The Body:

The Nervous system, The Skin, The Blood, and the calves.


The sign of Aquarius is the fixed Air sign, that holds the season of winter firmly in place. This 11th sign of the zodiac is enigmatic, different, and even rebellious. Ruled in ancient tradition by Saturn who expresses himself very differently through this sign and Uranus in modern astrology. Aquarius is often drawn to humanitarian pursuits that involve group dynamics and connections and is often found joining the collective in some way.

Known for their unique perspective on everything, they have a rational and even scientific mind that can project far out into the realm of the future and come back with ideas and imaginations that aren’t just unique but often ahead of their time. This is a sign that sets trends and is often misunderstood not just in their approach to things, but the way in which they draw their conclusions. They can be random as heck, but that’s why we love them. They favour intelligence and knowledgeable ability and that of those able to adapt old things and make them new. Aquarius is the original sapiosexual alien of the Zodiac!

Zany and fun, with a somewhat detached and cool demeanour that is as individual as they come, but deeply attached to ensuring all people are heard and given a moment to shine or share. They are somewhat eccentric and tend to have a style of dress and speech that sees them stand out. Aquarius is usually a true catalyst for change, inciting in others a need to be socially aware and question the structures that govern our world when they are no longer fit for purpose. Aquarius can at time be way too idealistic and get into trouble because their lack of conformity can be somewhat anarchic. They need freedom to express themselves, speak their higher mind and as this is also a sign associated with the truth. This sign is known to be outspoken and opinionated. They are independent and even uncompromising at times, but often mean well.

Inventive and smart, they are highly unique minds, prone to genius and flashes of insight that come in lightning fast and this can often be how they solve problems. This insight is somewhat telepathic and even intuitive. I call this sign, the bridge between logic and intuition and it feels right to me.


A law unto themselves at times. Aquarius needs to learn to be one of the group, instead of creating a hive mind to rule. Its detached nature sees them fighting for the group, but then unconsciously choosing favourites or giving the idea that “Everyone is special, but some more so”. This can create a somewhat autocratic outlook, with them needing to be realised to be special. At their worst Aquarius can be prejudiced, and while they know all about the nature of humanness. They may struggle to really connect and BE human.

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