Aries Symbol
March 21 • April 19


The Ram, The Soldier, The Warrior

The Body:

The Head, The Face and upper Jaw.


Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac. The cardinal Fire sign is vibrant and powerful and energetic. Representing the unstoppable power of new life. Therefore, Aries, ruled by the planet Mars has an association with Springtime. Energy, heightened prowess, and a thirst for all things exciting and new. This can be the bell-whether – Leader of the flock. Hence that “Leader of the Zodiac” energy that you are known for.

Aries can be a great initiator, starting with all kinds of vigour and passion. The challenges often set in when things require staying power or dedication for the longer term. In this case, finding others to help you see projects through may be a great way to alleviate this energy and become more inclusive and less self-centred.

Aries is passionate and independent. There is a raw, childlike energy with Aries that is palpable and exciting. The Sun in Aries is exalted and so expresses itself very well. Their communication style is direct, honest, and sometimes even a little brash. This can sometimes lack tact or refinement, but they mean well, and you always know where you stand.

With a Dynamic and adventurous spirit – Aries can be wilful, stubborn, and strong and one thing I love about this sign? They are brave and will fight for the underdog to the last breath. When given a cause that it believes in, Aries can and will be the perfect soldier.

They lead with the head and not the heart.

This sign reminds us all how to be self-centred, self-focused and self-directed. To use our own willpower and energy to make the things we desire happen.


In its unconscious expression Aries can be impatient and somewhat self-centred. If not given to its own inner passion and fire to forge a path of its own, Aries can become a people pleaser.

If not using the willpower in the correct way, this can create a laziness and an idleness that can be hard to shake.

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