Capricorn Symbol
December 21 • January 21


The Sea-Goat, The Boss, The Headstrong !

The Body:

The Knees, Skeleton and Teeth.


Capricorn is the cardinal Earth sign. Meaning it ushers in the winter and in the old world. The new year. This is the 10th sign of the Zodiac and a powerful one at that – Ruled by the lord or time, Karma and fate. This patient and determined sign can have a pragmatic nature that understands the need for structure, rules and regulations and has a deep respect for the chain of command.

This is a serious and solid sign that can at times have a somewhat Saturnine (serious and heavy) outlook or nature. This often comes from a responsibility that they learned to grow into that was thrust upon them at a time when they had no choice. Meeting the challenge head-on. This sign of the sea-goat understands how to rise from its emotions (the sea) and channel them into fuel to push ahead (the goat).

Although somewhat prudent and cool, they can be shrude in business, extremely intelligent and very wise both beyond their years and knowing. They are very hard working and aware of societal structures and their bearing on all things. They like the tried and true and will follow orders diligently and often go on to “earn their stripes” in some way. Following routines, advancing slowly, but assuredly is the name of their game.

Capricorn gains it's best, everything over time and often ages backwards. Plus, something people don’t give them enough credit for is a great comedic sense of timing and they’re often very funny! Their trademark stoicism can bring quality timing to things, and they understand that time heals all things but also refines all people.

Capricorn is the professor, the learned master and has a very Father as authority figure energy about it. they are trustworthy and conservative and know how to play the long game in all sense and aspects of life.


They can repress their emotions; this can harden them and make them cold and hard. Like Saturn itself, where it rains diamonds. This shows that when their emotions congeal, and they turn away from you. you are dead to them. Their attitude of the end justifies the means can at times create a dictator, especially in the workplace or sour relationships.

Prone to clinging to traditions at all costs, even when they may no longer be doing the job. A “this is the way it is” attitude can isolate them and without solid goals and plans. They can become worrisome and unfocused and somewhat mean.

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