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Raphael Rey Astrologer
I am Raphael Rey, A natural Intuitive. I use my keen intuition and no-nonsense approach combining Astrology, Tarot and Numerology. I help people connect with their deepest selves, reach their goals, and align with the best future they can possibly create. This comes from tapping into the now, being aware of the challenges and enhancing your blessings – by changing your tomorrow today!
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Your Sun sign is the mission you incarnated with, that overarching or driving theme or destination you feel pulled towards. Your Ascendant reveals the path that you’re likely to take on that journey. Your Moon sign is the part you that only your closest people know and see. Knowing all of these aspects of yourself, gives you a much more complete picture of who you are and ultimately, why you are here.
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All your questions will be answered to precision. Choose which part of your life you want to discover, so I can facilitate the changes you need to make.
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