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Hello, I’m Raphael.

I am Raphael. Many people who know me call me Raph, Rapha, and of course many know my name from the ArchAngel Raphael, whose name means “God Has Healed”. This is not completely at odds with my own nature, and my path to becoming who I am today has been long and varied. 

As a child, I was very sensitive and often felt things deeply, dreamt things powerfully, and was altogether interested in anything mystical, magical, and of course, those of you that know me. Obsessed with the weird and wonderful. 


I spent most of my younger years watching Tarot readers, hearing adults talk about “The Stars” (Astrology), seeing spiritual practices being observed. Witnessing the awesome power of prayer and of course, expressing my own abilities, often without understanding what was happening. I began reading Playing cards at the age of 14/15 and Tarot around 16/17 years old. I smile at the memories because I remember thinking…Ahh, so this is what I’m meant to be doing. 


After a very dark period in my life, I went on to finally use the gifts I believe I have been given, I consolidated my gifts by studying Reiki, Massage, Anatomy & Physiology, and various healing methods, while in the background. I gained a deeper understanding of the cards and the stars. I immersed myself in these things because they “felt right” to me. I even tried to take a degree in Osteopathy which ended very badly because it was not my path and if I’m honest, I still had some of my own inner healing to complete. 


I landed in the field of logistics which was fun for a while, but with a few synchronicities and a nudge in the right direction. I started Reydiant Reality. That was 5 years ago now and not even I could have predicted what it would become, how it would grow, and how every day that I open my eyes. I say prayers of gratitude, not only for my success but for the amazing community that I am a part of and a life filled with magic, amazing clients, and a life that feels fulfilled. Why? I believe it because I am finally doing what was always intended for me to do. 

I believe that everyone’s destiny is a culmination of everything written in their stars, the life that they lead, the circumstances that shape them, and that the universe grants us the power to choose. I choose to be a guide and I do this by helping you to – change your tomorrow, Today.

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Your Sun sign is the mission you incarnated with, your Ascendant reveals the path that you’re likely to take on that journey. Your Moon sign is the part you that only your closest people know and see. Knowing all these aspects of yourself, give you a much more complete picture of who you are and ultimately, why you are here.


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Skype/ Zoom read

This consists of General Spreads and then your question round comes after. Please have an idea of what your questions will be, while they usually come out in the reading. It’s good to have some prepared, just in case.

One Question Reading

This is a single specific question reading and is very in-depth. It is a written reading and is usually a 2-day turnaround.

The Career Spread

I will need your Date of Birth for the Numerology section and your career question. This is a written reading and will usually be a 4 day turn around.

The Lovers Spread

I will need your Sun Sign and the Sun Sign of your partner/ intended. This is a written reading unless you ask for a video and is usually a 4-day turnaround.

6 Months ahead Spread

I will need your Sun sign for this reading. It is for the next 6 months ahead (current month excluded). This is a written reading unless specified for a video. It’s usually a 4/5-day turnaround.

12 Months ahead – Year in Focus

I will need your Date of Birth for this reading. It’s usually a 7/10-day turnaround and is quite comprehensive. This is a written reading unless specified for a video.

Personal Video Reading

This is a personal recording that is general spreads and your 3 Specific questions. Please provide questions. This is usually a 4-day turnaround.

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I have been a client of Reydiant Reality for over four years. Reydiant Reality is my trusted source for tarot readings when I seek confirmation on decisions I am making in my career or personal life. The accuracy in the readings and Raphael’s ability to channel the spirit’s messages beyond the meaning of the cards never ceases to humble and astound me. One example of the accuracy of Raphael’s readings is when I sought to buy my own property. A year prior to deciding to buy Raphael saw the month I would purchase my home and how I would move in exactly a month before taking possession. This is exactly how the transaction took place! This is only one of many examples I have.

I also had two Forward Life Progression (FLP) sessions with Reydiant Reality and have found Raphael creates a safe space in which you are able to channel the higher wisdom to see what lies ahead and the best way forward in life. I have found the FLP sessions brought me much comfort as they helped me realize the impact we have on driving our destiny. Raphael’s gifted psychic ability provided confirmation of what I saw in my FLP which made the experience more memorable and helped me to see the impact our desires have on our ability to manifest in the material world.


I had never really thought of tarot as very believable, but after Raph read for me, wow, everything he shared with me, through the cards and his own intuition, was spot on! We discussed the past, the present and the future, with lots of questions answered and many details revealed. We talked about dreams, about manifestation, about deep feelings and soul healing. Raphael is a tremendously nice and humane person. A real empath, a seer of sorts, with truly powerful insights. Our session left me energized, with high hopes for the future, knowing that the Universe has, and will be, sending a lot of wonderful experiences my way. I highly recommend him. You’ll be amazed!


 I had a reading with you approximately 3 years ago during a very difficult time in my life. Though that period was especially dark, your tarot reading for me was uplifting and gave me hope. Everything predicted came to fruition and I have carried that memory with me throughout the years. I only now found your contact again- thank you from the bottom of my heart.


“This was my first reading with Raphael. I have been a loyal subscriber on Raphael’s YouTube channel for some time and felt like I was meeting up with a friend.

The tarot reading given by Raphael was amazing. He was spot on with my current position in life and gave me indications towards my future path.

The future life progression (FLP) surprised me as I wasn’t sure that this would work over skype … but it did. Raphael takes you on a journey to meet your future self. This is not a defining self but begins a journey to help you make the right choices along the way to be the self that you would like to be.”