Gemini Symbol
May 25 • June 20


The Twins, The Studious, The Youthful

The Body:

The Arms, Hands, Lungs, and fingers.


The double-bodied and youthful sign of Gemini. The third sign of the Zodiac, ruled by Mercury, Gemini loves all things communicative, quick, and technical. There is a desire to know, to understand and to interact in this sign and when speaking to a Gemini. You often get the sense that they know everything! Facts, figures, and knowledge are all important to Gemini, but not as important as connecting to others and interacting with them to gain information, knowledge and eventually wisdom.

This is an intelligent and quick-witted sign has a joyous and youthful energy about them and they love to laugh and usually have a wonderful sense of humour. This is not a slow sign though; it is one that needs to move about freely and come and go energy is very prominent with them. This is someone who usually has friends in all places and all walks of life.

Anything technical that requires a dexterous touch is what you will find the versatile sign of Gemini drawn to and they are this way in life too. There is a powerful ability to recognise patterns and sniff out details with Gemini and they can often “talk it out of you”. Able to juggle many balls at once, and usually better than most in the room. That nimble mind, clear communication, and curious nature, very often sees them in many places and connecting with various people. A busy life is a good life in the eyes of Gemini.


If they are expressing their unconscious traits at worst. Gemini can be easily bored, and this can look like being a flaky, fair-weather friend who doesn’t follow through on things because something else always comes up.

There could also be an air of being a bit of a “know it all” because they must have an answer for everything, and this can sometimes get a bit much. There can sometimes be a condescending air about them if unconscious - they value knowledge, so if you don’t have any on a subject, they are passionate about – today at least – there could be a “holier than thou” attitude about them. This sign can be prone to lies and their mouths can runway with them. Sometimes saying things that upon reflection they didn’t mean. Finally, to conquer, is being able to come out of the details and see the bigger picture. Stepping back is not easy.

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