Cancer Symbol
June 21 • July 20


The Crab, The Nurturer, The Mother

The Body:

The Chest, Lungs, Breasts & Stomach


The fertile and nurturing Cardinal water sign of Cancer. The 4th sign of the zodiac, ruled by The Moon. Is watery, nurturing, and protective and has a very strong intuitive energy about it. This being the Cardinal water sign, meaning it begins the season of Summer.

Cancer will absorb and reflect the environment and especially the emotional energy it is subject to. So, it can and will be as changeable as her ruler the moon. This provides and ability to get others to care about things, to empathise as they do. Cancer also incites an emotional response in others and will protect their people to the death. Cancer in the protective sense is a “Mumma or Papa Bear” and if you seek to harm those they love, you will find out very quickly that this emotional and docile sign is a dangerous enemy to make – Make no mistake.

This being said, Cancer energy is the Maternal of the zodiac and the nesting instinct is strong in both the Men and Women of this sign – and even in those Non-Binary wonders of the world. This need towards nesting and the homely life isn’t just about comfort, which it will seek to experience and provide above all else. It strongly about security, a good, clean, and comfortable home is worth the world to a Cancer.

Cancer is deeply caring, emotional, and sensitive and this hypersensitivity is what grants such intuitive faculties and even Psychic abilities. Speaking to the Lunar association of this sign, it does tend toward ruminating of the past and romanticizing things. This dreamy quality is a treasure trove of poetic energy.

This sign is rarely given the kudos for its strength because the strength is internal and silent. Just like the moon, it is changeable and watery, responding to and reflecting all that is poured into it.


When unconscious, this sign can be moody and emotional and even irrational. It can see them clinging to the past, hurts and fears viscerally, as if they are still present and cause them to punish anyone who pokes those wounds or reminds them of this energy. Cancer can hold on to negative feelings and emotions for a long time and as such, it very often sees them becoming Toxic and allowing it to fester. Frequent emotional detox is recommended as is, spending time alone to purge others emotional “stuff”.

This sign can also be prone to emotional blackmail and even manipulation to get what they want. If this is happening, it's because there is no feelings of safety or security, or they have been wounded deeply.

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