Libra Symbol
September 21 • October 22


The Balance, The Diplomat, The Beautiful!

The Body:

The Kidneys and part of the liver (Systems that balance).


Libra the Cardinal air sign is the 7th sign of the Zodiac. At this point we now begin the zodiacal descent into the underworld and the darker half of the year. Being a cardinal sign, Libra initiates the energy of Autumn. The peace-loving and beauty-loving sign is ruled by Venus – The Goddess of love, harmony and abundance.

This sign is diplomatic and studious and has a natural ability to mediate, share, collaborate and is drawn to all things relational. Libra often weighs the options of everything and seeks to bring balance and harmony to all things, just like its ruling planetary energy. This like of harmony goes from the relational to the physical. Librans love beautiful things and people and tend to be quite fair and beautiful themselves.

This is a sign that has the ability to create order out of chaos by aligning things and people, creating a safe space where all ideas can be heard and shared. Sometimes bringing together people and ideas that may not even mesh, until they intervene.

Libra is a natural strategist, who has an ability to stand back, be objective and provide reasonable insight with a far minded touch. They have a natural tact and very often are persuasive with a wonderful air of charm and refinement about them.


When it expresses unconsciously, Libra can be cunning and not in the good way. They can be manipulative to a fault, and they can use people’s knowledge to further their own ends or get what they want. Sometimes this leads to a vanity and a need to have their beauty and grace validated by others. If not physically, then at least praised for their wonderful minds and ideas.

If unconscious they can be indecisive, but they can also be polarising and very black or white. Causing arguments and creating descent so they can step in to be mediator again. They can be selfish with people, wanting to keep them to themselves. At worst they can be intolerant.

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