What is the best reading for me?

This is a tough question to answer because it really is about what your immediate needs are.

If you want a session where we delve into what’s happening now and how you can get through or past it, with room for Questions? Then a Zoom/ Skype session is best.

If you prefer something you can go over again and again at your own leisure? Then a personal video is best.

If you have a very specific question that you really need to get to the heart of. The One Question Reading is best.

If it’s Numerology you’re after – Then the Career Spread is the most comprehensive because it combines the best bits of Numerology with an in depth look at your entire career and what you most need to know.

The Year ahead reading and 6 Months spreads both take a general look month by month but the Year ahead takes it fitter with numerology and The Astrology of your personal New and Full moons of the year.

I don’t know by birth time can I still get a reading?
Yes, of course. Unlike Astrology. Tarot is not so beholden to times and dates. Even though it can and very often does predict very specific times and time sequences.
When doing tarot spreads, I ask for your Sun sign and this is because we are reading your general pattern and energy and the way you move through the world and how it views, receives and assists you.
Can I get a reading immediately, I need something urgently answered!
I don’t offer an “urgent reading” option. However, my Video and one Question Reading turn around is usually pretty good and often under 3 days. If you need something immediately and you can’t see a Zoom/ Skype session available (I’ve just added more times and dates).
That’s your next best selection.
My time zone is different can I still get a reading?
The scheduler will convert times for you, but please do double check and keep an eye out for your payment confirmation email as it will have all information on the session.
What’s the price in my currency ?
Unfortunately, for this. It’s best to check via Google for the rough estimate as I don’t have the time to do this for you.
What is FLP ?
FLP is Future Life Progression. This where through guided visualisation. I take you on a journey into your personal future, to see what has happened.
What challenges you faced, how you overcame them. What a certain path becomes if you take it.
I’ve personally had amazing results with this and it’s something I love to facilitate for others.
What is PLR ?
PLR is Past Life Regression. This is where we take you into your past. Sometimes in life we have things that we just aren’t able to get past, over or through.
I’ve found that at times these challenges are because of deep past cycles and karma that are acting on us now.
As such, when we do this work. We can really accelerate the healing and changes in our present and secure our future.
Should I have a reading during a retrograde ?
Sometimes the best readings happen in this time. Especially if it’s you looking into an old or ongoing issue of some kind. This can help provide insight and clarity.
How to get the most out of your Tarot session ?
Be open to the session. Try to be clear of mind and definitely sober.
It would be a good idea to come prepared with questions that you really want to look at. The more specific your questions. The more focused your answers will be.
How often Should I have a reading ?
I usually say every 3 to 6 months as my cards usually come out over that time. Occasionally though I do end up riding the timelines well into the future and the past.