Changing your tomorrow, today !

This is a 120 minute session where we go deep into your current situation.

This is where I will use all of the modalities that I am skilled in to shed light on your current situation and assist you in building a path forward that is built for clarity and success.

Consider this session is like a spirit-led coaching session. This is aimed at helping you understand where you are right now, how you may have arrived at this place and where you are heading.

Looking at your life path holistically and from a spiritual perspective, much can be glimpsed. We conclude the session with a future life progression to see what the results are of your newfound understanding and wisdom.

Use this session as a secret weapon before making big decisions, clarifying your path or even understanding how you got to where you are. This will give you the much needed understanding and foundation to make plans for your future and it’s success!

Numerology – Specifically your Life Path and Direction numbers and your Personal year.

Astrology – Looking at the current transits affecting you and what you might need to know about them.

(Using WHOLE SIGN Astrology. Which means some of your placements may be different from what you currently are aware of. Different house placements of planets etc. You will need an accurate Time of birth for this part of the session to within around 30 mins.)

Tarot – Looking at your Questions, the likely outcomes of your decisions and what can be done to either enhance your blessings or sidestep your challenges.

FLP – A look into your personal future, where we take you forward to meet and greet your future self and see what they have to share with you and what you may need to know in order to step forward and fast track your blessings and tackle any challenges or even avoid them completely.

There are only 3 spaces per week – Booking by email only –


Testimonials –

Sharon – Thank you so much for the beautiful session Raphael! Instead of a one-way reading, this is a really engaging and enlightening session that allows me to take a step back from the situation, and get down to the bottom. Raphael has a true gift in guiding you to find those embedded answers within you – I came into the session with confusion and anxiety, and the session left me with peace, clarity, and feeling empowered. Strongly recommend! – Youtube, March 2020