Tribal Tuesday

Would you like to be a part of a group built for expansion, growth and success ?

Do you find that being surrounded by supportive and like minded people helps spur you on?

Does going it alone seem daunting and even a little boring?

Tribal Tuesday is a Month, of Journeying into yourself and your past and then speeding into your future all with a single goal in mind.

We will be Targeting 4 Key Areas:

*Discovering the blockage to what you want most and Where it comes from.

*How to move forward beyond it.

*The Lightning Rod Session (Think of it as getting super charged with energy and power).

*This will culminate in an FLP Session to see what the results of your efforts are!

I have found while doing FLP for others, it tends to fast track their results. If you know you are going to succeed in your mission, because you have seen it. You tend to act more decisively.

Think of FLP like a powerful guided visualisation where you get to slip around in time. The 4 sessions, will be addressing all the 4 key areas mentioned.

Delivered Every Tuesday

This will be a community and a collaborative effort. Everyone has a goal they are striving to reach. There will be safe space for everyone to share their thoughts, ideas and discoveries. A fab FB group Just for The Tribe !!

There will be homework in the form of reading and specific exercises.

I will only be taking 12 participants for this journey.



Expressing your interest (In about a paragraph). What you would like to gain and also how committed you are to progression (Of your own life path).

Price – £250/ $325

*£125/ $165 Non-Refundable deposit

You can pay for this course in 2 instalments via the link below. Please state your name and course for reference. Example: Raphael – Tribal Tuesday 1st Payment. Your 1st payment secures your placement.

Payment Schedule:

Jan 31st – £125/ $165 (Counts as Deposit). 

Feb 28th – £125 /$165

For Paypal please click below.

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I am grateful and thankful to have been a part of Tribal Tuesday. It was LIFE CHANGING ! The tribe I worked with were amazing and supportive, but the driving and divine force behind the Tribe was Raphael. Raphael is knowledgeable, compassionate, and dedicated to this powerful work. His ability to lead you on a visualization journey to connect with a blockage that you are living with. Once that blockage is discovered, the care, compassion and conversation to talk about it and look at it was amazing.

There is no Judgment, you are in a safe place and in safe hands. He definitely helped me to move past that blockage and it was so needed. Moving on from that blockage was magical. All tribe members are invited to share and support one another and it is definitely a tribe. This only supported the fact that we are all connected and we are not alone with what we might be dealing with. Each session has left me in a better place than where i started.. I gained so much from my journeis and Raphael is extremely gifted. I was pleasantly surprised by how much you recieve while being part of the tribe. Raphael is tireless and he is there for YOU. This is not some “money grab” kind of operation. He puts in the work. I could not believe the breakthroughs i experienced. I highly recommend you be a part of Tribal Tuesday. I trust Raphael and I believe in the work that he is doing. It is LIFE CHANGING.

– Kavin Coleman. Tribal Tuesday Member.

I was delighted to have the opportunity to work with Raphael and be a part of the Tribal Tuesday Pilot.

This experience Truly surpassed my expectations. The individual and group support helped us all identify and clear what had blocked us from living our best lives. The energy work and the healing that took place week to week was palpable. I wad able to see tangible results after each week and felt Raphaels healing from a distance! I would highly recommend Tribal Tuesday to anyone wanting to shift their life to the next level and be supported by an incredible healer and coach in Raphael! The best part is it doesnt end after the sessions, because you have an amazing tribe there to share and continue connecting with!

– Samari. Tribal Tuesday Member.

I stumbled across Reydiant Reality and had listened to a few of Raph’s Tarotscopes but i have a limited knowledge of Tarot, Numerology and Astrology and it was just for fun.

I heard Raph mention Tribal Tuesday a couple of times, but being me. I didn’t really listen to what it was.I felt drawn to sign up anyway and so I showed up to the first session, not really knowing what to expect and having done no previous “energy work” and not knowing Raph at all before hand. When we launched into a deep guided meditation (as I understand it). I was 100% unprepared. My mind and heart were open and I showed up and that’s literally all you need!

I had the most amazing experiences, week after week diving into myself, recognizing my blockages and learning to clear them and change my perspective. Raph is like a low key superpower and has a deeply genuine and uplifting energy that is infectious. My Tribe who are so vastly different from me and spread out across the globe but connected by that calling to be there in that moment at that time. Having that combined energy made me feel very supported and grounded and it elevated the experience.

I joined Tribal Tuesday out of curiosity but in four weeks my life has turned around. I’m calmer, happier and I feel like I have a support system of people who understand me.

Tribal Tuesday was the most beautiful Surprise, Raph. You need to create Tribal Tuesday 2.0 !

– Ali Ward. Tribal Tuesday Member.