Client and Subscriber Testimonials: 


Michelle Lowbridge, New York Times Best selling Author & Celebrity Wealth Coach – Raph is a secret weapon! (Although not so secret because I recommend him to everyone!) His wisdom and guidance is so valuable. Having followed him on YouTube for months, I finally took the plunge and booked a personal reading. It was a game-changer. I immediately hired him to speak at my event for female entrepreneurs (where he blew everyone away with his brilliance) and these days I see having him on speed-dial as an essential investment. His presence, reassurance, and insights into my business and personal life, and decision-making – along with his fun and kind personality – are a true gift. If you’re a fan hovering over the “book” button – I highly recommend you crack on and do it ! – March 2019 


S.L, England – Raphael saved my marriage. I was seriously considering a divorce after a really rough time with my husband over a coupe of years. In multiple readings Raphael advised me to “hang in there”, “Stick it out” and that all would come good. He was right. My husband has gone through some profound shifts (also aided by me showing up differently in response to advice given by Raphael) and our marriage is finally back on track. I was so close to giving up, and I’m so glad that I didn’t. Raphael’s wisdom saved me, my husband and my children from so much pain – and what would have been ultimately a wrong decision. I will always be grateful. YouTube, June 2019


Aaron Miz. England – You’re one of my favorite readers on Youtube. I love how you inspire through your readings. You are truly a gift ! Please keep doing what you do ! – Youtube, March 2018 


Jancy – I had a reading with Raphael last year. He is Very Good – FaceBook, March 2017


M. Joines – Great Reading for Cancer. You are so positive and uplifting !! Instagram, July 2018


A. Joachim – I should like to say thank you very much for your advice. Outstanding information mate. Please never change your format is brilliant! You resonate so bloody well with us all. Cheers mate, Namaste and Blessings. – Youtube, July 2018


Godiva Versace – Thank you for all you do. It has been good guidance and please never stop being you. – FaceBook – June 2018


K, (Written reading) – Hi Raphael, Thank you so much for my reading. It was a bit mind-blowing. Surreal and terrifying. You reading was really accurate about my character and my life. It hasn’t been easy but thank you so much for the gift of hope for my future. Thank you for your awesome readings, you are such a genuine gifted and lovely person and I wish you the very best. – Facebook, August 2018


D. Ross, (Skype Reading) – Very, very happy to have found you. I am still flabbergasted about how you picked up every detail without one question from me. Truly a gift. – Youtube, September 2018