The Retrograde Survival kit !

£24.99 !!

A colourful guide to the planets and their retrograde season, including information, a quote for the season, an explanation and a survival strategy for all the planetary retrogrades ! everything you need in one place to sail through with ease.

The Money Maker Spread !


A Tarot spread and system designed to get you clear on what your blocks and challenges are, whilst enhancing your blessings and locking in your best results. Whether you are a Novice Beginner or an Advanced Reader. This Spread will give you everything you need to succeed !

If you are a Coach, A healer or Therapist that uses Tarot, this will be especially helpful and something you can use time and time again, for yourself and your clients !

The Decisions, Decisions Spread !


Should you stay or Should you go ? Do you have a Big decision to make ?

If you are struggling, to make a choice. let your own Wisdom, insight and Soul help you make the right one! Whether you are a Beginner or Pro Tarot Reader. Whether you are a coach, healer or Therapist. This spread is made to be easy, informative and in-depth. Whats even better is, you will have it to use again and again, for yourself or your clients !

The Fundamentals of Chord cutting.


Ever thought what is it all about ? Think of this as a mini 101. Its all about the what, why and How. I have given you all that you need in order to perform a chord cutting for yourself and move on and into your best future without the past, the ex or the crap following you or holding you back.

The Temperant Run


This Spread is designed to see what the opposing energies are in your life and how you can best work with them to forge a best path ahead. It shows you what the energies are in an easy step-by-step.

Temperance is about blending things, this spread shows you what needs to be blended and how.

The “How to” of Energy work !


A walk through of How to do energy work. It gives clear examples and instructions for you to get started.

Easy to follow, with simple powerful techniques.

The Intention setters Guidebook !


Setting intentions is a powerful way to call out to the Universe for what you want in your life. This is a guidebook to walk you through the process and how to do it so that you get results !

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