The Retrograde Survival kit !

SALE PRICE – £19.99 !!

A colourful guide to the planets and their retrograde season, including information, a quote for the season, an explanation and a survival strategy for all the planetary retrogrades ! everything you need in one place to sail through with ease.

The Money Maker Spread !

£14.99 – SALE PRICE £8.99

A Tarot spread and system designed to get you clear on what your blocks and challenges are, whilst enhancing your blessings and locking in your best results. Whether you are a Novice Beginner or an Advanced Reader. This Spread will give you everything you need to succeed !

If you are a Coach, A healer or Therapist that uses Tarot, this will be especially helpful and something you can use time and time again, for yourself and your clients !

The Decisions, Decisions Spread !

£14.99 – SALE PRICE £8.99

Should you stay or Should you go ? Do you have a Big decision to make ?

If you are struggling, to make a choice. let your own Wisdom, insight and Soul help you make the right one! Whether you are a Beginner or Pro Tarot Reader. Whether you are a coach, healer or Therapist. This spread is made to be easy, informative and in-depth. Whats even better is, you will have it to use again and again, for yourself or your clients !

The Fundamentals of Chord cutting.

24.99 – SALE PRICE £14.99

Ever thought what is it all about ? Think of this as a mini 101. Its all about the what, why and How. I have given you all that you need in order to perform a chord cutting for yourself and move on and into your best future without the past, the ex or the crap following you or holding you back.

The Temperant Run

£14.99 – SALE PRICE £8.99

This Spread is designed to see what the opposing energies are in your life and how you can best work with them to forge a best path ahead. It shows you what the energies are in an easy step-by-step.

Temperance is about blending things, this spread shows you what needs to be blended and how.

The “How to” of Energy work !

£19.99 – SALE PRICE £8.99

A walk through of How to do energy work. It gives clear examples and instructions for you to get started.

Easy to follow, with simple powerful techniques.

The Intention setters Guidebook !

£14.99 – SALE RPICE £8.99

Setting intentions is a powerful way to call out to the Universe for what you want in your life. This is a guidebook to walk you through the process and how to do it so that you get results !

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