Mindset Magic

Originally, this was going to be a written document. I started writing and before I knew it, there was so much material that I thought no. This needs to be something more.

Mindset Magic is going to be a step by step guide to creating a winning Manifestation Mindset. While there are some secrets, it is going to take work.

Often the problems people face with manifestation and abundance of anything is they see it as an event. Like an Olympian training, doing the performance and then what?

Worth noting as well that in the beginning Olympians have to work very hard, but through patience and diligence and doing the work. Magical things start to happen!

Well, What if you could create a MINDSET BUILT FOR MAGIC?! Meaning that it will still be in place LONG AFTER THE COURSE HAS FINISHED!

What if you could do it again and again, how amazing would that be?

That’s what this 6 week course is designed to do!

To successively, build a foundation and elevate you to a place where your skills are second nature and you are living everyday. The way you want to!

If you are still here? Then I know you are serious, the “hard work and patience” bit tends to put people off. I’m not offering a get rich quick program, I’m not giving diet pill instructions or talking about how you can “attract anything”. I do however offer a clear path with support, honesty and depth to get you to a place where YOUR SKILLS to creating the LIFE YOU WANT are at hand.

So, what do you get:

2 FLP Sessions

6-Week course, with a Zoom meeting every week.In which i will deliver you the 8 TECHNIQUES TO GUARANTEE MANIFESTING SUCCESS OVER AND OVER. 

A 75-page work booklet that you can keep and use whenever you need to.

A support network and access to me for any personal questions you may have.

Finally, a step-by-step system to building a practice that stands up to life and allows you access to your inner UNIVERSAL MANIFESTATION SKILLS.

Intake will be for March 1st 2020 – 12 Spaces.


£399/ $520

(£149/ $199 Non-refundable Deposit)

For those that desire or require you can pay for this in instalments. When making payments please use the link below, Stating your Name and the course name for reference. 

Example: Raphael – Mindset Magic 1st payment. 

Feb 29th – £149/ $199 (Non-refundable deposit).

March 31st – £125/ $160

April 12th – £125/ $160

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