Future Life Progression – £75 – 60 Minute Skype Session

I have been utilising FLP for about a year now. Aside from having amazing results for my own career trajectory, its also helped me change other peoples lives !

I use it with Coaches, gurus and a number of corporate professionals who are either looking to transition into another career or to find their best ideas. FLP is a guided process into your very own future, to get you real information, brilliant results and clear guidance on what challenges you may face and ultimately how your decisions pan out.

Think of it like this, if you can go back to view a past life, you can totally skip ahead to see your future life and self and find out how they did all the amazing things you want to !

If something isn’t right, is off or the path is just not for you. You can adjust the course before you’ve taken it! How amazing is that?!

Think of it as asking the best version of yourself, that’s aligned with your goals, for some straight answers, with honest feedback.

The Universe and your higher self will do the rest.


Past Life Regression – £75 – 60 Minute Skype Session

This is a wonderful gentle quest into your past that helps uncover any blocks or stuck feelings you may have bought with you into your current life experience.

By Venturing into your past lives, you can learn what caused these blocks and therefore how to transcend them. This deep look into who you were has yielded amazing results for clients and many times I have heard the phrase. “Now I have let that go, I feel ready to make the most of my life”.



Kavin Coleman, Dec 2018 – I HIGHLY recommend and FLP reading with Raphael, Not only is he a highly gifted soul. He is a soul you can trust. My journey with FLP was amazing. I went into the reading as a skeptic, afterwards, I was amazed and speechless and a firm believer in the benefits of FLP. I am an even bigger believer in the gifts and talents of Reydiant Raphael.

Samari, Nov 2018 – You are so gifted at what you do. I had never had a future progression until you led me through the experience. Gorgeousness! I highly recommend RR for FLP.

Aisling Hamilton, Sept 2018 – I would also highly recommend Reydiant Reality – I was fortunate enough to have an FLP session taking me to a future life – It was INCREDIBLE and the energy has motivated me ever since. Raph was so skilled and is highly intuitive – he put me at ease and picked up the main qualities I needed to move forward and it worked !! Thank you, it was Life changing !