(Tarot Reading, Astrology & Numerology are for entertainment purposes Only)


Tarot/ Astrology and Numerology, while forms of deep self analization, introspection and self councelling. Are viewed as forms of Entertainment and should therefore be treated as such.


ALL readings are open to interpretation and therefore should not be taken as being absolutely set in stone or concrete evidence of anything.  A Tarot Reading, Astrology or Numerology reading is never 100% accurate and therefore should not be accepted as law. These forms of Divination cannot and should not replace Professional Medical/ Legal/ Business  or Financial advice or help by a qualified individual. No matter how accurate or trustworthy the reader, Querants should always defer to the professionals opinion in all instances.

Readers and Psychics are intuitive guides and can only act as. Not replace or negate any of the professional opinions as stated above.

It is in Line with DUTY OF CARE to mention: If you are suffering difficulties in any of the above mentioned areas. Please seek PROFESSIONAL help above all else. Especially In case of Mental health issues. Those surrounding any form of abuse. Personal, substance or other wise.


Any form of Divination whether Psychic or Holistic does not suffice under the above mentioned Circumstances.

In this understanding Reydiant Reality and its readers, accept no responsibility for readings or information given where these things are not previously disclosed and professional opinion has not given the expressed opinion for such readings to take place.

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