Venus Retrograde 2018 in Libra & Scorpio:


Assessing your blessings and your options, weighing the depth of your desires against your motivations.

Venus is happy in Libra because she is at home and she gets to ensure that we think of others, that we are kind, honest and fair in all our dealings but beyond that. We are doing our best to bring harmony, peace and balance to all our endeavors. She will be ensuring that we assess things keenly but always through the guise of fairness, though we may want to ensure this doesn’t go too far. We will be looking at all the blessings in our lives and will see us looking at what our options are and how we can best achieve them or cultivate the kind of relationships that will enable us to achieve them.

It can also see us looking at all our relationships – It could though, see us seeking to balance what may not be able to be balanced. It could possibly see us taken with relationships we haven’t really seen as they truly are, or things and situations that seem beautiful on the surface because Venus beautifies things she could be enhancing all of the best traits of things and people and its up to us to be fair with others absolutely but also with ourselves. Opportunities or relationships that enamor us to the point of glossing over the facts will be reassessed under the retrograde of Venus back into Libra.

It could see us being a bit more optimistic about what we are actually receiving in contrast to what we should actually be receiving in mutuality. This might even come in the form of some kind of blessing that comes through either artistic endeavors or investments or it could be through legal means. For some this could be gifts and or returns of things we have applied to or invested in.

When Venus then moves into Scorpio, she will then have us plumbing the depths of ourselves but ultimately our feelings, although through the guise of love she will be revealing to us our desires, our deepest motivations and the places that they come from within us. By following the thread of certain feelings, we can unpick what our realest motivations are.

She will likely have us scrutinizing our relationships, being brave enough to look at the opportunities, relationships and partnerships and even suitors that come our way. Its going to ask us to ask ourselves why we are attracted to what we are attracted to. And if we can trust it or them. The truth of the matter is, us asking can we trust ourselves and the decisions we have made.

Now when Venus goes retrograde, she wont just be doing all of the above she will be asking us to ask ourselves. What do we love? What do we really value and where do our desires match what we value and how deep do those desires put us in touch with the motivations that we need to achieve our goals and realize those desires.

When she begins her journey backward in Scorpio – The question, Do I truly desire this, them, or it? Do I really love them, this or it? Am I attracted to this person or thing. Sex, sensuality and sexuality are all going to be high when Venus moves into this sign. On her journey through the sign of Scorpio this can see us establishing very deep, sensual bonds with things and especially partners both new and old. As she moves backwards this energy may be heightened but may not be as conscious or so easily controlled.

In other ways Venus in retrograde in Scorpio will see us uncovering areas of stuck feelings, pent up energy that is taking up space and holding us in either negative patterns or unhealthy attitudes or approaches to relationships and even our desires. Where have we been denying ourselves and why? What impact is that having on our impulses and our decision making? It can also have us looking at areas in which we have started to become mistrustful of our own feelings and see us delving into the reasons behind this. This sees us going into ourselves deep within and asking ourselves the questions we usually don’t dare. Under Scorpios unwavering and piercing penetration. We will be asking our hearts about everything we desire and everything we are deeply tied to and motivated by.

As she then continues her retrograde we might be assessing our options and opportunities and asking the deeper questions of how I can utilize this opportunity and in all honesty. Do I even want to? By assessing our style of collaboration, our investment in our current endeavors and projects, we can start to really discern which ones we want, believe in and continue with.

This retrograde Venus in Libra is going to help us really decide on where to put our time and effort but above all which projects and work to choose and move ahead with. Its also going to see us blessed with the clarity to make those decisions and smooth energy to enact these changes.

So, when she moves forwards again, decisions made, paths and plans forged. Mental commitment in place but also the surety of what we are now ready to start working on once more in to what has survived our quest for love, commitment and above all. Desire.

Like a bottle of wine – This Venus retrograde will have you reaping the harvest of this year’s fruits. Grown of the labor of love, the sweat and hard work of the year will have given way to an abundance of opportunities and blessings that all call to be picked. Not only do they ask to be picked, they ask to be savored, loved and transmuted into something beautiful and ultimately indulgent and fine.

While always want more than we can handle, the Libra aspect of this transit will see us harvesting and choosing the finest of the crop, with a keen eye for beauty and harmony. The best of what is on offer. Once we have chosen and then decide to commit, we will begin weaving our desire and our passion into the mix and this is where the excitement, lust and even obsession come into it. After all, the best athletes, experts of their fields? Are those who are obsessed with their chosen pleasure or desire, channeled through the smooth, harmonious beauty and application of Venus.

We arrive at something we can cultivate, love, grow and enhance until it finally blooms into something truly spectacular, sensual and divine.

Why, because it has been loved and caressed into life.