The Fools Journey:

This picture like the Tarot itself, is a never ending journey. It has amazing highs and fearsome lows and it mirrors the very fabric of life that we experience. From our birth as the wise fool who comes into the world, knowing everything but not how much potential he holds, how much magic he has access to and how to express all of that potential.

As he or should I say we grow, we go through days of our lives we discover, not only who we are but also what we are here for. The Fools journey is the journey of the soul through life, and its messages, symbols and pictures show us all of the defining experiences that we will face and have as we make our journey through that life.

Its powerful and colorful symbols speak directly to the subconscious and they echo the myths that have been handed down to us from ages past. The numbers on the cards also speak volumes if you know how to understand the patterns that they speak of. Tarot is a wonderful and complete system that has and can be used for self reflection, analyses and even a form of counselling. Tarot is the mirror of life and its wisdom is deep and amazingly insightful. When people come for readings, they come for confirmation, understanding and sometimes. They come for predictions, answers to questions that we cannot at the time know the answers to.

I have ridden the timelines of many lives with the Tarot and I always remind people that the cards will show you where you are and where you may end up depending on the decisions that are made.

The Fools Journey, is everyone’s journey. Its all of our collective consciousness, knowing and wisdom accumulated and condensed into 78 clear and concise messages, symbols and allegories. Each one of the cards represents a type of event or experience and the seasoned reader having absorbed their meanings and knowledge over many years is able to traverse a persons life path to bring back knowledge and wisdom in order to inform their decisions.

Wherever you are on this journey, it truly is never ending, that is both for the reader and the recipient. Whatever you take away from your reading it should always be this: We co-create our destinies in accordance with our own will and that of the divine.

Do I believe that some events in our lives are fated ? Yes, I do. Do I believe that we get to choose our path through life ? Yes, I do.

So they work in tandem, they work together. Some events must happen for us to fulfill our life’s work and journey, how we get to those events and where we go after is all us.

So when you come to my table literally or over the air waves 😉 lol – We will be travelling the path of your life, those things that have been, the things that are right now and some things that may come to pass.

I look forward to connecting with you and thank you for choosing me to be a part of your journey.