So, you’ve come out of the broom closet or whatever label you want to give it that suits your path.

You’ve decided to live in your truth a d so now when people ask, you tell them. I’m spiritual, I’m a witch, I’m a Buddhist. Whatever spiritual path you are on you decide to start sharing with people so that you can be more open and therefore more honest. Which you understand in turn makes you more complete.

You then start to notice the usual looks, stares and comments. You know what I mean, the slightly inappropriate jokes and snickers but you ignore them because you are more evolved. You allow people their opinions and their own thoughts and beliefs – Even the ones that seem to encroach or step on your own.

You continue like that for some time, even after the “you don’t really believe in all that, do you?” questions. The snide comments about your “hippy ways” or “Eco-warrior wannabe” status. You continue to work on yourself and living openly about your path and you keep coming up against this stuff.

Eventually a friend or someone close will step too far and you find yourself having some kind of inner conflict because “Spiritual people dont swear or act out or get angry”. Actually – we do all of the above, we just do it in a more conscious and aligned way, thats about reclaiming our power and not rubbishing someone and their path because we arent able to understand or have nothing of our own.

Now, are we consistently or overtly violent. No. Are we generally aggressive and foul mouthed ? Not really. Do we go after people or plot revenge, or try to silence others and rob them of their right to be who they are? Of course not. Those are not our ways.

We are however, human beings. Sentient beings with the right to our freedom, choices (Providing they follow the natural laws of the universe – harm none *Including self). More on that later.

Well, I’m here to tell you – We do swear, we do cuss, we get frustrated and we get angry – HOW we deal with the above? WHAT WE CHOOSE to live in is what defines us.

Not a set of non-existent rules of unspoken conduct put in place by the same people who continually mock and oppress us – Well, Fuck that and Fuck them !

Just as sometimes the most adult thing to do is ask for help. So, too sometimes the most spiritual thing we can do on our path is to honor ourselves enough to choose not to allow ourselves to be downtrodden, ridiculed, oppressed pr down right bullied.

Sometimes the most spiritual thing we can do is tell someone to fuck off or in my case ” Shut your cockhole” – I hear a few sharp intakes of breath. Some of you giggling others saying no. I’m moving on because of his profanity. Feel free – My understanding may not suit you and I am now beyond the point of taking that personally.

I wish you well, all the same.

Now, for those of you still here and feeling empowered. What I am trying to outline here it is that the conflict we feel before we eventually stand up for ourselves is what I call EMPATHY IN PRACTICE.

Before you decided to stand up for yourself? You were already thinking about the other person, how we, how they would feel, whether you were overreacting, if they were right and how you might make them feel. That’s a beautiful gift – Don’t ever lose it.

What its worth remembering is that spiritual people often think of others before themselves. o, after all the above thoughts you may have asked yourself. Am i being judgmental? No, you were being self-preservational – that is not a bad thing and its actually honored just as much by the universe.

Remember those laws I talked about – That our choices do no harm? Well, if you are harming yourself or allowing yourself to be harmed, judged, bullied or oppressed. Then you are still in breach.You are still in breach because you are still allowing all these things to mar a life. Yours ! You beautiful soul. Are here to live free, well and powerfully in who you are.

You are a part of the Universe and while we grow by adversity – its also serving a purpose. That of your growth. If you don’t pass the test when it arises – it will KEEP happening until you do.

So by honoring yourself enough to go beyond the “Spiritual people don’t swear” paradigm and the “turn the other cheek” mentality that allows people to continually use you as a doormat. You are following universal law by honoring yourself and loving yourself as the universe does. Thereby ensuring your happiness and ultimately your growth.

We are conduits of and of divine energy – EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US. Though because we choose to live in our truths. and or paths. We tend to come under it – that’s OK. The true spiritual path? Comes with many challenges as you well know – For the reasons I have mentioned.

There’s a blessin in every lesson and sometimes – yours is about finding your guts and strength and power enough to tell someone to back off or shut the fuck up. We are not here to be mocked, ridiculed or walked on, Living in your truth and following your path, takes guts. It takes soul deep self confidence and especially when it’s newly budding. Don’t let anyone mistreat in that flower that’s blooming within you.

So, I say again. Spiritual does not equal doormat and be wary of other “Spiritual people” who tell you that “spiritual people don’t swear” or “your doing it wrong”.Never let anyone questions your connection to the divine mysteries or the universe and anyone that does is not someone you need in your circle anyway. Acceptance is a part of the journey to enlightenment.