Why you don’t want instant Success: –


It sounds like a dream doesn’t it, you strike it lucky and hit it big with an idea of yours.

But what then?

While it may be appealing to the masses in this, the Era of fast, well. Everything. We seem to have lost the old ways. Information in a click but never really gaining any knowledge or wisdom.

Instant success is just another distraction and to be quite honest it kind of puts in a space for future failures.

When you work for something, strive for it, put your heart and soul into it. Invest your blood sweat and tears into achieving a goal. The magic of the process, the understanding of how to lose without giving up, how to better yourself and your art through sheer determination. Something truly miraculous happens. The purest of Alchemical processes happens.

We learn, we grow, and we begin to rise and eventually ascend. This trust and faith in ourselves and the process creates within us a will of steel and a backbone of iron.

When we just seek out instant gratification and success. Although many of this day and age would say – That’s the best kind. Not only does it rob us of the abilities and knowledge and the tools we may have gained along the way, but it also sets us up for future failures.

As an example: – How many stories have we all heard of people who hit jackpots, or who had meteoric rises to fame that ended in ruins, tatters or even addictions and suicide. I believe in large part this is because they didn’t have the knowledge on how to deal with these things. Their current awareness didn’t have the tools to step into the new life that was suddenly thrust upon them. They had neither the understanding or the tools in order to manage this new reality they had suddenly found themselves in.

This happens because we don’t know how to lose and or fail, we aren’t prepared for those experiences and so, we don’t learn to get back up and keep pushing on. We forget what it is to have to try again and again. Its one of the reasons so many fail at achieving their desires today because we have been told that everything can be wrapped up in a shiny package and sold to us in the belief that it will produce instant results. It makes us believe that if we don’t achieve first time or in an instant. We are doing something wrong.

Now, don’t get me wrong a good idea and a winning product or work is a beautiful thing because of the creative aspect that comes with its founding. What I am trying to outline here is that when its instantly made? It can be just as easily taken away, knocked down or altogether forgotten.

That experience is one that I hope no one ever has to go through because it’s pain is greater than the feelings of joy and bliss that we have experienced when we “Get rich quick”.

Let me ask you? Would you prefer happiness or contentment? I’m asking because happiness is a peak experience and it requires maintenance. When we are content, we are just that. We need nothing else because contentment is the realisation that we are ALREADY, perfect. Whole. Complete. In this glorious space we need no outside or external validation because we are living from a place of truly validating ourselves.

So, the process, the journey and all the courage, determination, wisdom and strength that come with the PROCESS of success is surely better than hitting the proverbial bullseye, 1st time.

A young man once said: “True strength isn’t measured by how much shit you can take, its measured by what you make important and allow nothing to stand in the way of.” Yes – That young man was me, at the age of 22. Many times, he would go on to trial and fail and at many things he tried to achieve. Did it stop him? No f*ing way!

Fast forward to 33 – 11 years have passed, and he is all the stronger, wiser and kinder and more accepting of himself than ever. Do you know what else the process helped me discover having gone through all these things?

How to be kind, not just to others but to himself. With that kindness a patience came, the kind of patience that you see a really good parent demonstrate to their child. I learnt how to parent myself, by being patient and persistent and gently nudging myself on. Even after I had failed.

So, instant success? No thank you. Give me the process, the sweat and the work because I choose to evolve, to grow and to live and that is a truly organic process.

It cannot be rushed, and it cannot be overcome. You can’t go around it, you must go through in deference to it going through you.

So, if it’s not happening? Don’t give up. If its taking longer than expected? DO NOT QUIT!

If you are starting to doubt the path you set out on? Be sure you are coming to a breakthrough. It may only be small – It might only be someone’s acknowledgement – but it’s a win and those small wins? Are the bricks in the wall of your success!!

So, you – Yes – You wonderful human being trying and working towards your success, who may be weary from the moments of self-doubt or failure. Get up and dust yourself off and remember, Money and instant fame, glory or gratification are not success.

YOU are success incarnate!! You are here!!

That guarantee that you want? That you need, that its coming or that its all been worth it? Is waiting for you – Go look in the mirror and ask the person you see staring back at you.

If they are ready for success!!

By Raphael Rey – August 2018.